In order for the holiday to be pleasant for both today’s and tomorrow’s visitors, we ask you to keep in mind that the guests who appreciate our creation are respected in Valgevilla.

We ask you to treat your surroundings in a good manner and use the house premises, interior elements, furniture and dishes according to their intended use and to leave behind only good memories and feelings.




  • Loss of key(s)
  • 65 euros / set
  • Smoking in a non-designated area (inside the house, including in the hallways, in front of the door, on the stairs, etc.)*
  • from 200 euros
  • Violation of the silent hours and/or callout of the hostess to call visitors to order
  • from 100 euros


  • Intentional damage and improper use of the fire and alarm system, including causing a false alarm
  • from 200 euros
  • Violation of inventory, theft
  • Full deductible of the visitor according to the extent of the damage
  •  Creating the need for additional cleaning
  • Cost of cleaning work
  • Forced closure of an apartment
  • The rental price according to the price list for the closing time
  • Intentional damage, otherwise malicious unauthorised use
  • Full deductible of the visitor according to the extent of the damage


* Smoking is allowed at the barbecue area behind the house or in the parking lot

Our apartments are located on the second floor, there are no elevators in the house.

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