House history

The locals know and remember Valgevilla as the White House of Toila Park, the history of which dates back to the turn of the previous century. The Dog House or White House of Oru Park was originally a part of the Oru Castle complex.

The house was built during 1897-1899 when Oru Castle and Park were established. The house was originally constructed as a house for dogs. The famous Russian merchant family Yeliseyev who constructed the Oru Castle at Toila bred hunting dogs and the house was built for them. It has been told that the house accommodated thirty dogs and their five servants.

The house was used as a police station during the period of the first Republic of Estonia, i.e. the president residency era. It accommodated German police station during the Second World War and was used by the border guard statin of the occupying power.

Later on, the house has been used as Toila hospital, infections ward, children’s hospital, Tuberculosis sanatorium, Kohtla-Järve city government summerhouse, art studio and an apartment and forestry administrative building; it also had a small cafeteria on its first floor for a short period of time.

Today, the house accommodates Corrigo rehabilitation and Toila GP centre premises on its first floor.