Privacy policy

The privacy of our visitors is important to us, which is why we are committed to protecting and securing our visitors’ personal data.

We ask personal data to manage accommodation bookings at Toila Valgevilla. We use personal data to contact our visitors and sending confirmation information via e-mail, phone or text messages.

Under §24 of the Tourism Act we are obliged to ask our visitors certain information to complete and retail a visitor’s card. Visitor’s cards are required to be kept for two years from the date they were filled in.

We share certain information with our trusted partners. Under agreed conditions we share personal data with third parties, such as payment service providers,,, and/or

Using our services we can invite visitors to provide feedback or ask to evaluate their experience of staying at our accommodation in Toila Valgevilla.

Security cameras have been installed on the building’s exterior walls at Toila Valgevilla to deter suspicious behaviour and prevent damage to the property. Footage recorded by the security cameras is stored for a two-week period, and can be restored for viewing thereafter. The security cameras are not live streamed for monitoring.

Occasionally we use personal data to improve our services to meet our customers’ needs. We aim to analyse data, which has been pseudonymised. We preserve the right to share personal data for the purpose of law enforcement in a manner, which is required under the law or is necessary to prevent, detect or penalise fraudulence or criminal activity, or when we are required legally to do so.

Regulations regarding privacy apply to all visitors. If a visitor disagrees with the rules of data protection as outlined here, we are not able to provide them with our services from this moment onwards.

For questions please contact us a +372 33 31 115 or email